Homekeepr App

We are Limiting New Enrollment to 100 Local Households per Invite Group - If you have a neighbor who you would like to recommend for access now use the request below - It is absolutely free!

Folks - we are SO excited to bring you the Homekeepr app and the FREE benefits that it provides. Spend just a few minutes and watch these videos. This first video is a brief introduction and overview. Watch the second closely - especially if you ever have needed a product manual - and on short notice.
The app is provided as a courtesy by Homekeepr, an independent company.  
This next video demonstrates the power of information! What a great way to keep track of your products and automatically download manuals for easy access - when you need them! Do watch this video for sure!
There are 2 more short videos below, but if you are ready to invite a neighbor to this app, this is all you need to fill out (they will say "thank you")!
One of many things we like about this app is the ease of use. Adding products and obtaining manuals is so simple a child could do it (so parents, you know who to ask if you need help!)
You are with me this far on the videos - so give it a minute and one more video to watch. Then download the app and enjoy it.
This app is about "local" - so, if you have hired a business or contractor and they did a great job for you and you would like to see them included in our local app - send me an email and give me the details.
And folks, this is a great time for me to remind you that any business or contractor is independent and we have no control over them. Information found on this app is based on relationships or recommendations - if someone does not perform, we would like to hear about it as the business can be removed if there are complaints. We assume no liability whatsoever for delivery or performance. But then, you knew we would say that!